Discover The Most Instagrammable Spots in Javea

Raise your hand if you spend more than 5 minutes today scrolling through Instagram looking at people live beautiful lives in beautiful places. We’re extremely conscious of being intentional with social media but we also realize the impact that it can have on your life and the life of others.


We live in a world where social media seemingly rules everything but when you’re able to make Instagram work for you while enjoying the beauty of where you are… then you’ve got the perfect formula. That’s an article for another day but today we want to talk a bit about Javea and Instagram.


You see, we’re based in one of the most amazing cities on the Mediterranean where both Vogue and Cosmo (upload photo) are talking about us. We chose to host an Academy on Blogging and Social Media in Javea, not just to teach you how to grow your platform but also because Javea is one of the best places to create content as well.

It’s time to show you some of the most Instagrammable spots in Javea, Spain.

Cabo San Antonia Javea - Sun and Co. Academy

Mirador La Falzia

Mirador La Falzia Javea - Sun and Co Academy

This viewpoint is one of the best hidden secrets in Javea. Mirador La Falzia gives you some amazing viewpoints of the quaint, Greece like beach of Portixol on one side while also giving you views of some of the most colorful and tranquil water on the other.


With beautiful villas in the mountains and boats parked during summer season, it feels like a you’re looking down on paradise.

The Beach House Javea

The Beach House Javea - Sun and Co. Academy

For the foodies out or those of you who love a good rooftop, The Beach House Javea is one of the best new additions to the port area. With it’s nautical yet simplistic style as well as their expansive menu, you’ll be sure to get photos for days.


Located right on the water, you’re able to have a quick work session while looking at the Mediterranean or enjoy the cool breeze on the rooftop while soaking up the sun.

Cala Ambolo

Cala Ambolo.JPG

Cala Ambolo is known for its crystal clear water for those who are “in the know” in Javea. While you need a car to get there, the trip is always worth it for the views and also a quick beach photo op. No matter where you’re capturing some images, they’ll be breathtaking. Although be careful while taking photos on the beach because it’s a nudist beach and can sometimes get quite crowded during the summer months.

Old Town Javea


While naming a whole area might seem counterintuitive, trust us when we say that there are endless hidden gems while exploring this part of Javea. The old town is filled with breathtaking architecture and greenery that will have you stopping with your camera as much as you can to take it all in.

Cabo San Antonio

Cabo San Antonio - Sun and Co. Academy

If you love getting out into nature or enjoying a beautiful sunrise and/or sunset then Cabo San Antonio is for you. When you hike up to the lighthouse off of the port of Javea gives you amazing views of the entire town, sun and sea. It’s a beautiful opportunity to get in a little sweat and then have something to look forward to at the end.



During our time together in Javea, we always make sure to explore the best places in town and these are just some to start off with.

If you’re interested in attending our Business of Blogging and Social Media 7-day Academy, apply here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to