Sun and Co. Blogging Academy Recap

“This is something that is going to change your whole perspective when it comes to creating a business and lifestyle that you love. “

- Dakota Adan

Sun and Co Academy - Group Photo

Our first Sun and Co. Academy was an experience that transcended beyond just the walls of the Sun and Co. house in Javea. Our attendees ranged from a 19 year old looking to inspire young women to live unconventionally to a 64 year old whose mission is to defy stereotypes for those over 60. In between were creators who were just getting started on their projects or who were looking to amplify the brands that they’ve been creating for years.

One thing is for sure; everyone left the course with new knowledge and a way of seeing how to define and reach success with their business or brand.

Sun and Co. Academy - Learning

“I have a lot more clarity with where I’m headed and that’s what I was looking for when I came into this experience. For me, seeing that it can happen and learning how to make it happen was important for me.”

- Zaq

Over 7 days, the students and mentors walked through an intentional workshop series that taught them everything they needed to know from how to create a meaningful brand that provides value to everything like templates to pitch to various brands that will position you as a thought leader in your field.

Not only that, but everyone in attendance had one thing in mind, learning from those who have already lived through it and are experts in their field. Instead of spending years figuring it out on their own, they were able to learn from and establish connections with others who would be able to continue to provide value and help in the future.

Sun and Co. Academy - Jakiya Brown

“If you’re serious about your success and growth, you need to come to a course like the Academy to get real benefits, real tools and the real gems. I’ve been to other courses but the kinds of things that I’ve learned here… I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

— Delores

The course was just the beginning for our attendees. In less than a month, our Academy crew have rebranded themselves with a clearer vision, created online courses with the information that they learned, grown their online presence and more.

So, are you ready to not just scale a business and brand that you love but to actually learn new skills and take the next steps you need to get one step closer to where you want to be?

Our next Sun and Co. Academy is from December 13-20 with the course focus on scaling your business. If you need more information and are interested in applying, you can find it here.