3 Ways To Create a Brand With Influence and Impact

Looking at our current society, everyone has the tools and resources to create a brand or business that reaches others outside of their personal networks. With over 440 million blogs in the world right now, it’s easy to think that creating a platform might get lost in the masses and will turn into “just another brand” but that doesn’t have to be the case.

In our recent Blogging Academy, we quickly learned that there will always be an excess of content in the world but what really matters is more than influence, but the impact that you have on your audience. When you’re able to create a brand that impacts others, that’s what leads to growth.

We focused on various modules and workshops allowing gaining different tools and perspectives that taught our students what they need to create that impact.

3 Ways To Create a Brand With Influence and Impact - Sun and Co. Academy

During this week, I got top quality knowledge. If you’re serious about your success and growth, you need to come to a course like the Academy to get real benefits, real tools and the real gems. I’ve been to other courses but the kinds of things that I’ve learned here… I haven’t seen anywhere else”. — Delores

Now it’s time to share with you three of the biggest takeaways from the week on creating a brand that makes an impact.

Gain Clarity on Who You’re Speaking To

When starting out a new brand or business, many people try to provide content for everyone, which in turns leads to a lack of clarity both in your brand, messaging and what you’re putting out in the world. During Dakota Adan’s session, we learned the importance of clearly defining your target audience and figuring their needs and desires so that you can tell stories and provide value on various levels.

When you know who you’re speaking to, you’ll be able to create content that connects with them through setting, timing, emotion or common experience to impact them in a way that many others can’t.

Figure Out Why Your Content Matters

Thinking about impact over influence, you need to know why your content matters. So, when you’re documenting and creating you’ll be able to create a brand that is memorable and resonates. In Jakiya Brown’s session, we asked ourselves a few hard questions like

  • Why should people trust your work?

  • What is the reason for your brand existing?

  • What is it that you want to be known for?

When you’re able to clearly decide why your brand exists and put your finger on the added value that you’re bringing through everything you do, it allows for your audience to trust you… positioning you as a thought leader in the field and impacting lives on a daily basis.

Be Consistent in Providing Value

The last piece of the puzzle to stand out among the masses comes back to value, time and time again. How are you giving people information that adds value to their life versus just posting to post? When you’re thinking about having impact, it should touch one of these three things.

Is it entertaining or inspiring?

Is it useful?

Does it create connection?

If it does one or more, then you know that you’re not just posting a picture of a laptop on a beach, but maybe you’re teaching someone how to start working remotely so they can also travel the world.

When you’re able to take these three things and put them into play, it’s the first step to start standing out from everyone else and what they do. You’re here to have an impact on the lives of others.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sun and Co. Academy, you can find all of the information on our upcoming Business Academy this December here.