What Are The Real Benefits of Immersive Learning?

Let’s start off by talking about our attention spans.

How long can you go without getting distracted by something else?


Back in the day, we were able to go 7 to 10 minutes without being distracted and now with everything that we have accessible to us, we last about 8 seconds. More and more we have to train our brains not to get distracted and of course, with tools like Pomodoro, putting our phones on airplane mode, etc… it gets easier.


Now, if you have a short attention span, don’t worry… most of us do and when it comes to learning new skills, it makes it much harder. While online courses are becoming more popular, it’s also extremely common that the retention of knowledge that people get from online courses are quite low. Not only that but many people end up paying for a course and not taking the time to actually finishing it.


When you’re looking to learn new skills or gain knowledge, immersive learning is one of the best ways to do it.

What is immersive learning?

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It’s entering into an interactive environment to learn certain skills and techniques with the ability to apply what you’ve learned right then and there.We focus on the immersive learning method here at Sun and Co. Academy for a variety of reasons and here are three of the biggest benefits.

No Distractions, No Problem

In our everyday lives, we often deal with decision fatigue. We’re confronted with tons of choices and each of the decisions that we make, takes away from our willpower. In turn, we aren’t able to make the best choices and focus as well as we would ideally want to.


When you’re able to simplify your choices throughout the day, not worrying about small things like where to work, what to eat and how to dedicate your time… it allows for you to take things to the next level, optimizing on your mental capabilities and skills.


At Sun and Co. Academy we focus on taking care of everything so the only thing you have to worry about is learning, implementing and connecting with others on a deeper level.


Read more on preventing decision fatigue here.


Focus on What Excites You

It’s shown that you’re much more apt to remember knowledge if you’re able to apply it to something that matters to you. When you’re taking classes and workshops that teach you new skills and then have the opportunity to apply it directly to your own project or business, that’s when you’re more apt to retain the skills you’ve learned.


Not only that but when you know that what you’re learning will have a direct benefit on your life, you pay more attention because you have an end goal in mind and the desire to get to work.


"When you’re able to learn in a welcoming environment that fosters support and worthwhile relationships, you’re much more likely to retain knowledge and memories in a much more sustainable way."


Real Time, Real Support

This might be one of the biggest benefits of the immersive learning model that we use. We focus on making sure that you’re learning in real time and getting the actual support you need by your team of mentors. Something that often happens in online courses or classes is that you don’t have direct access to those who are teaching you.


We have intimate groups and focus on having an accessible environment where are “students” and mentors are able to not only be in the classroom setting together but are also able to connect on a personal level as well, allowing for there to be meaningful support.


When you’re able to learn in a welcoming environment that fosters support and worthwhile relationships, you’re much more likely to retain knowledge and memories in a much more sustainable way.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of immersive learning.

If you’re really ready to make a change and learn the digital skills you need to work remotely and live freely, be sure to check out our upcoming courses and apply to reserve your spot today.


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