Located in the heart of Jávea, a coastal town in Spain, a few years ago Sun and Co founder, Edu had an idea. He wanted to bring to life a new way of living and working for innovative self-starters from all over the globe in a town that is close to his heart. He would renovate his Grandmother's 19th century house and create a new space in the middle of an old Spanish town. Fast forward to today, with a quaint essence, you’ll find Sun and Co.

The space is 4 floors in the pristine building with high ceilings. Whether you’re sitting out in on the patio, working under the sun or cooking a meal with the rest of the community, you’ll always be in awe of the beautiful place that you’re living.


during your time at Sun and Co. academy, you'll have access to the following:

  • You’ll stay in a solar-powered remodeled 4 floor, 19th century Spanish house.
  • Choose to stay in a private or shared room, customizing your experience as you see fit.

  • Dine and spend time in the dream kitchen on the ground floor.

  • Work or brainstorm in over 200 sq meters of common areas

  • Take a break or have a beer on the open patio with a BBQ

  • Re-energize with breakfast, free organic coffee and fruit provided

  • Focus on living and learning, not cleaning with our regular cleaning service


    • 24/7 access to workspaces for up to 20 people
    • 300 mbps/300 mbps fiber optic internet connection, so you never need to worry about speed

    • A variety of comfortable work spacesthroughout the building

    • Regularly scheduled sessions, events and meet ups both at Sun and Co and throughout Jávea

    • Printer, projector and LCD screens for personal use or group presentations

    • Spacious patio to work outside or take a break in the sun

    • 4G SIM card at your arrival, so you can communicate with clients