We’re thrilled that you’re here and interested in making a change to kickstart your journey towards successfully navigating the world of remote work. You see, when we first started Sun and Co. in 2015, we wanted to change the way that people thought of coliving, coworking and community as someone always on the road. Over the years, we’ve welcomed over 150 people to Javea, Spain to be a part of this forward thinking movement. We’ve seen people come together to launch flagship products, start businesses and work on their passion projects; all while learning how to work smarter and live better.

But then, we had an idea.

You see, with the location independent movement continuously being on the rise, there isn’t just a need to create a home for location independent workers but instead, we wanted to take it one step further and teach people how to get there.

So many people are longing to start living a more fulfilling life, breaking out of societal norms and choosing to both live and work doing things that bring them joy. This is exactly why we decided to launch Sun and Co. Academy, to teach others how to do just that.

Academy Shots_13.jpg


Whether you’re looking to become a freelancing guru or the next influencer in your field, it’s possible. All it takes is dedicating the time and energy to learn from the best and choose to make it a priority.


We truly believe that balance is possible. It’s not just about working hard all of the time, but instead, it’s about honing in on your productivity to bring results and then enjoying all that life has to offer. That is what we’re bringing to you with Sun and Co. Academy.


It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to focus and create change with a community that care. To learn from the experts, implement it into your own life and enjoy yourself along the way.

Are you ready?