MARCH 22 - 29, 2018


Are you ready to improve your skills as a UX designer, learn how to be more effective and win more clients?

This is for you!


Job opportunities for UX designers are growing fast. This 7-day UX Camp will help you further develop your skills as a digital or user experience designer. Based on the principles of design thinking and agile development, the UX design mentors will facilitate a training program that exists of practical tools and best practices to accelerate your career as a freelance or remote designer. You will be able to position yourself as an expert in the market and find purpose behind your personal goals as a designer.


During the UX Camp you not just learn from a group of experts in their field, but you will collaborate with other UX designers from all over the world that also want to make more of an impact on peoples lives through design.



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You will acquire skills and techniques like

Implementing the user-centered design process

Creating strategic roadmaps with your clients

Conducting user research

User interview techniques


How to prototype and validate ideas and concepts

Collaborating with other team members, remotely

How to effectively facilitate workshops

Creating awareness on how to sell your work and make an impact with UX design


Learn from Expert Tutors and Professional Designers

The UX camp will be hosted by the UX expert tutors from Online Department, a fast growing design agency from the Netherlands. One of the founders has been part of the Sun and Co family from the start and works remotely as the CEO and creative director for several months a year. The tutors are experienced designers and train design teams of large corporations and tech companies in the Netherlands. Expect high energy workshops and a package of tools and methods you can immediately start working with. 


Machiel Oskam

Before starting his own agency, Machiel worked as a freelance digital designer at the larger agencies in the Netherlands for brands like Volvo, KLM and Philips. At Online Department he is the CEO and strategic advisor for tech companies and digital scaleups, helping them to integrate the user-centered design process into their daily practice and create high level digital experiences for their customers. Machiel is very passionate about developing talent and coaching design teams. A few months a year he works remote from Spain - and found his residence at Sun and Co. 


Wouter van der Kamp

Wouter has a background in service design and is highly involved in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands. By facilitating workshops, design sprints and ideation sessions with important stakeholders he aims to create a better understanding of the life of patients and people in need of healthcare services.

He is a research-driven UX expert and UX lead at Online Department and responsible for developing and facilitating training programs for young professionals. 

We Teach You How To #WorkSmarterLiveBetter

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Life isn’t just about our professional accomplishments. It’s also about creating time for balance and connection which is why we purposefully put aside time to explore together and take breaks during the day. While we have morning workshops and afternoon implementation sessions, we craft out time in the schedule to explore the beautiful area of Javea and to also have some fun in between.

Say Hello To Your New Home - Javea, Spain

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Get ready to fall in love with your new favorite Spanish town.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Javea has all you could ever want when it comes to a place to be productive, feel inspired and take a step back from the everyday hustle and bustle. You’ll have time during the week to explore our small Spanish town, spending your early mornings by the ocean or hiking up to the lighthouse to watch the sunset.


Your Experience Includes...

  • 7 nights accommodation in a solar powered, renovated 4 floor, 19th century Spanish home
  • Daily interactive classes and workshops lead by experts in their field
  • Daily implementation sessions; to put what you learn into action, right then and there
  • Choose to stay in a private or shared room, customizing your experience as you see fit.

  • Dine and spend time in the dream kitchen on the ground floor.

  • Work or brainstorm in over 200 sq meters of common areas

  • Take a break or have a beer on the open patio with a BBQ

  • Re-energize with breakfast, free organic coffee and fruit provided

  • Focus on living and learning, not cleaning with our regular cleaning service

  • End the experience with a closing party with DJ Giles

  • Welcome Paella dinner with the hosts and "experts"
  • Farewell BBQ dinner before heading back home
  • Various excursions and activities throughout the week
  • 24/7 access to workspaces for up to 20 people
  • 300 mbps/300 mbps fiber optic internet connection, so you never need to worry about speed

  • A variety of comfortable work spaces throughout the building

  • Regularly scheduled sessions, events and meet ups both at Sun and Co and throughout Jávea

  • Printer, projector and LCD screens for personal use or group presentations

  • Spacious patio to work outside or take a break in the sun

  • 4G SIM card at your arrival, so you can communicate with clients


Pricing Starts at 899€


Sun and Co. Academy Rooms

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